Develop & Enhance Health & Safety Solutions for India & globally


Develop and advance as an eminent hub in the world for manufacturing and exporting of all types, kinds and styles of safety appliances



Evolve to be self-reliant for production of all kinds, styles, varieties, forms and classes of safety appliances

SAMA Updates

Sama Updates
February 18, 2019

400+ National and International Delegates from Industry, Academia

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Sama Updates
September 28, 2018

OSH India 2018 features a power-packed 2 day conference where all stakeholders to discuss Continue reading

Sama Updates
June 29, 2018

SAMA alliance with UBM OSH Mega Events in 2018 SAMA’s & UBM’s multifold common objectives Continue reading


Spread awareness on the usage of standard certified safety appliances by educating stakeholders across the industry



At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security


  • My opinion of SAMA is that it is a very professionally run association with a very positive view towards its members. I have connected with a variety of Safety Professionals and Business Owners. The SAMA members have a positive approach towards each other and are forthcoming with help if required within the association. SAMA has helped me connect with a wide spectrum of people, all using the common SAMA platform. This is a tough proposition especially in today's fast pace environment.

    Amit Mehrotra
    Head, Intimefire
  • It has been about 20 years of association with SAMA and ABC Brothers, Ahmedabad. We have observed and experienced constant support with regards to

    Empowerment of Safety Awareness Enhanced the importance of Safety In India Common Platform sharing of Whatsapp Group and Mailers GST and Government Policies updates Promotion of Safety exhibition and events on larger scale to reach every small part of safety industry

    We would wish SAMA-INDIA expandance. It’s wings globally, to explore such wonderful Activities, worldwide.

    Uday Shah
    A.B.C. Brothers
  • Being a member of SAMA has allowed SAURYA HSE to greatly improve both our known presence and levels of interaction within safety business arena. The meetings allowed us to meet, identify and sustain relationships already established with other like-minded businesses and individuals who share our passion for building trade and commerce within SAMA. It is a pleasure to be involved with such a pro active organisation one that cares for its members, an organisation that really works for finding solutions of common trade issues

    Mr. Dipesh Shah
    SAURYA HSE Pvt Ltd
  • SAMA has been instrumental in binding together people from the Personal Protective Equipment Industry together on a singular platform where apart from sharing business enquiries, Ideas are shared and suggestions are given towards creating greater awareness for the usage of Safety equipment in India where the usage and penetration is still low.

    Mr. Bhavic Shah
    Sico Vinyl Pvt Ltd