SAMA is an Association of Occupational Safety Appliances & Services - Providers, Manufacturers, Distributors & Dealers.

Use of Personal Protective Equipment along with emergency equipment has increased due to more awareness in the field of Safety, Health & Environment. New avenues are opening in the field of 'Disaster Management'.

Disasters till recently were viewed as isolated incidents and considered emergencies with little focus on prevention, preparedness, reduction, mitigation and effective and appropriate early warning systems. Therefore as vulnerability to disasters has increased, we are now beginning to realise that greater attention has to be directed to reduce risks associated with them through improvement in operational capabilities and mitigation measures. It has now become more necessary and imperative for us not only to supplement but also play a positive role to prepare us and the community around for all types of disasters both natural and man-made.

New equipment are regularly developed for Head-To-Toe protection globally but for Disaster Management, new opening envisages not only worldwide but also in India.

Our Association is endeavouring to help the society at large - by enhancing the safety awareness and guiding the end user for optimum usage of Safety Appliances and services, technologies and equipment.