Safety Appliances Manufacturers Association (SAMA) came into being in the year 1969 mainly to look after the interests of Safety Appliances manufacturers.

It was founded by the Late Joseph Leslie Vas, Late Francis Leslie Vas, Late M. d. Shroff, Late Fida Hussain Makati, Late Gulabchand P. Jauhari among others.

Back then, around 40 Small Scale Industries were spread across India and were engaged in the production of Safety Appliances. Majority of these Industries were situated in Mumbai in the Western Zone and at Kolkata in the Eastern Zone. With the coming up of new large industries in Thane Belapur Belt – Steel Plants, Fertilizers, Chemicals, Dyestuff and Allied Industries a new demand came in for Safety Appliances.

Safety Appliances Industries had to adapt to the times and acquire knowledge of hazardous inplant conditions and produce equipment and services that protected industrial workers in unsafe working conditions. The need of an association took birth and we now have a well based association that is putting considerable effort to look into the industries safety concerns.

Right from its inception, SAMA had loyal and selfless workers who have placed considerable effort to ensure consistent growth of our Safety Industry.

Today, SAMA is now putting effort to implement Indian Standards (ISI), and providing needed raw materials and technical expertise. We have received considerable support and assistance from National Safety Council (NSC), Central Labor Institute (CLI) and the Council of Industrial Safety.

Dr. P.V. Thakkar, Brigadier Mr. G.R. Chainani and Mr. J.R. Ovalekar provided the required direction so that Safety Appliances manufacturing industry can provide equipment for safe working.

Safety is a noble profession to the extent that it thrives to reduce agony and pain to a worker due to assurance of an avoidable accident.

We therefore rightly feel proud that we are engaged in an activity that reduces agony due to an accident and a number of disabled workers.