Membership Type One Time Fee Annual Maintenance Fee Remarks
1 Life Membership INR 10,000.00 INR 5,000.00 NA
2 Ordinary Membership:      
(a) Corporate INR 6,000.00 All firms, Organizations & Companies - Pvt. Ltd. & Ltd.
(b) Individuals / Professionals INR 6,000.00
  • For all working employee safety professionals
  • Renewable annually, titles / designations, etc.
(c) Student Membership INR 300.00 3 year membership - upto the age of 30
(d) Institutional / Fellowship Membership** INR 7,000.00 (NGOS, State Bodies, Govt & Semi Govt Organizations, Media Houses, Publications, Exhibition Organizers)
3 Overseas USD 2,000.00 USD 300.00 All companies who have 51% or more foreign equity
* Common Entrance Fee for all kinds of Membership (Except Overseas Membership) - INR 2,500.00

** Executive Committee reserves the right to extend special privilege membership to prestigous organizations or individuals of high repute who can help enhance the objectives of the organization