We Develop & Enhance Health & Safety Solutions in India & Globally

SAMA is an Association of Occupational Safety Appliances & Services – Providers, Manufacturers, Distributors & Dealers.

Celebrating 50+ Years

Safety Appliances Manufacturers Association

Since 1969 our Non-Profit Organization has been endeavoring to help society at large – by enhancing safety awareness and guiding the end-user for optimum usage of Safety Appliances and services, technologies, and equipment.

We organize events & campaigns for our members that boost workplace safety awareness across industries.

Dedicated to the promotion of the safety appliance industry as a whole and of its members

Three Fold Mission

A Worldwide Hub

To Develop and advance as an eminent hub in the world for manufacturing and exporting of all types, kinds, and styles of safety appliances


To Evolve to be self-reliant for production of all kinds, styles, varieties, forms, and classes of safety appliances

Spread Awareness

To Spread awareness on the usage of standard certified safety appliances by educating stakeholders across the industry

Our Role in Safety

Disasters & workplace accidents till recently were viewed as isolated incidents and considered emergencies with little focus on prevention, preparedness.

As vulnerability to such has increased, we are now beginning to realize that greater attention has to be directed to reduce risks associated with them through improvement in operational capabilities and mitigation measures.

It has now become more necessary and imperative for us not only to supplement but also to play a positive role to prepare us and the community around for all types of disasters both natural and man-made.


Advocating Importance of Safety Equipment

Occupational hazards even today contribute significantly towards the causality of human lives. Safety equipment manufacturers work together with safety professionals and competent authorities to resolute the problems faced by the workforce.

Seminars on Exporting Worldwide

The Indian safety industry is producing international quality products. It is not only serving the local market but also has marked its footprint in the international arena. To facilitate Indian manufacturers, it is felt that seminars on exporting products to the international market should be held.

Exploring New Opportunites

New business opportunities are growth drivers to businesses. SAMA is facilitating tie-ups with leading exhibition organizers to fetch members benefits such as discounts, promotion through print media, etc. It is also how “SAMA Members Directory” came into existence.

Aligning Companies & Authorities

Strength lies in unity. We like to unite with all stakeholders of the industry and welcome them to join hands with SAMA. This will help the industry to reiterate its needs & requirements stressfully to the government bodies. This will help to make industry-friendly policies.

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