President's Message

At SAMA, we, continually work towards a fruitful collaboration between the Indian manufacturers of industrial safety equipment, so that we can provide the best solution/s to our end customer on the field.

Through innovative methods, a focussed approach, and seamless exchange of ideas, our efforts & energies are all directed towards making a significant impact within the industry in our country. Our motive is to strive hard through synergistic endeavors between the manufacturers, customers, and the Government to place India amongst the top nations in providing world-class safety at the workplace.

- Hemant Sapra

Vice President's Message

SAMA has been formed with a vision to synergize its efforts for the comprehensive welfare of the industry.
 The efforts initiated by the then-industry conglomerates have been flourished with an increasing strength by joint forces of key industry stakeholders.   
Today, SAMA is striving for its seamless efforts to collaborate with competent authorities to comprehend an industry-friendly and conducive policy for the growth of the industry as a whole.

- Wendy Leslie Pereira

Hon. Secretary's Message

SAMA carrying its enriched legacy has taken many significant steps for the collective growth of the safety industry. Present charismatic leadership and executive members have taken initiatives like liaising with government departments for adopting industry-friendly policies which can contribute towards the growth of the industry.
SAMA has taken many steps which have attracted business opportunities for the industry. SAMA is collaborating with business promoters like exhibition organizers etc. to fetch benefits for the members. We at SAMA strive to achieve more for the welfare of the industry with collective efforts.

- Virendra G Jauhari

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