In wake of the recent pandemic, there has been a surge in the duplicity of products.

PPEs are meant for protection from injury or any fatal diseases.

Spurious products may prove fatal to the users.

Fake products put people at risk as they cannot protect the users with the same degree as original products. While such products can look the same they do not have the same level of technical effectiveness.

Fake products are detrimental to the brand reputation of manufacturers with customers losing faith in these products.

Certified products are locally or internationally approved by recognized institutions in India like BIS or internationally like NIOSH, EN, ANSI, UL, etc.

Any misuse of the aforementioned marks on products released to the market is a direct violation of applicable trademark law …and the relevant certifying body will issue legal action against offenders.

We request SAMA members to not indulge in such activities.

Ready to support this action and will support action by local & international governments to conduct raids, seize duplicate products, etc.

Issued in the public interest by SAMA.