Members Listing Policy


  • You must be a SAMA member.
  • We currently only list companies.
  • You must have submitted your logo and company data in the right format.

Submission of Name, Logo & Website

Submit just the primary name of your company.

The logo must be either a PNG or JPG with a width and height of 200px * 200px.
Use either a white or transparent background. Avoid colors or other images.
Avoid spacing as much as possible. Do not stretch your logo.
Do not submit low quality, blurry or pixelated logos.

Submission of the website is optional. Submit a valid URL, you can link to a specific page.

Listing Order & Fairness

To make sure all companies get equal exposure we list in random order.
This applies to the listing on our members’ page as well as the homepage.

Listing Time

Once you have requested for your company to be listed it will eventually be displayed on our website.
This can take some time. Thanks for your patience.